Blade & Wings

An action packed MMORPG


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Blade & Wings is an MMORPG with anime aesthetics that challenges you to delve into a world that combines traditional anime fantasy with a touch of reality. The story of the game starts with your plane falling off the sky and crashing into an island full of’ll also find people!

Much like in almost all the Android games, in Blade & Wings you can automate the missions as well as the combats. You can also move freely around the island and battle using the traditional control scheme: virtual joystick to the left of the screen and action buttons to the right.

When you start playing you get to choose between three different types of characters that you can customize as you keep playing. When you complete your missions, you’ll start gaining experience and new equipment pieces, which will help you increase your level and evolve your character.

Blade & Wings is a MMORPG that includes great visuals, a really fun combat style and a pretty original setting. Also, although all your battles will be against the artificial intelligence, you can also face other players with PVP.

Android 4.1 or greater is required